Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Inflationary Economic Depression, PIIGS Propaganda Drives Scared Money Into the Dollar by Bob Chapman 2-10-10
"The inflationary depression still dominates and probably will continue to do so. In time the stimulus will fail to work and the world will slip into total insolvency and deflationary depression. The old M3 is about 3%, but we still have $23.7 trillion floating around. Not only is the US bankrupt, but also so is the rest of the world. It is now only a question of when the dominos will fall. It looks like the first wave in the collapse of the bear market rally is underway. Bonds will follow with higher interest rates and eventually commodities will be hit. Only gold and silver will survive, as the bankers and Wall Street complete their destruction of the world economy...."

Bob Chapman on The Sovereign Economist 10 Feb 2010

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