Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hinde Capital's Ben Davies On The Gold Market -

Hinde Capital's Ben Davies On The Gold Market Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/17/2010

Zero Hedge recently posted several insightful pieces from Hinde Capital, among which the fund's presentation on the ECB's role as the European Commission's whore, and more recently, its presentation on Gold as the "currency of first resort" (recreated below). Last week, fund manager Ben Davies, who previously ran trading for RBS Greenwich Capital in London where he managed a macro portfolio, gave a must hear interview to King World News, in which Ben covers various in depth topics on the gold market and shares his views on "unimaginable price possibilities for the final culmination of the gold bull." Among the things covered are the Andrew Maguire whitsleblower case, David Einhorn's transition from paper to physical gold storage (he notes the storage and indemnification risk), on whether the US government actually owns the hold it represents to holding (noting the demonstrative busting of the very unimpressive Russian spy ring), Russian gold reserve accumulation, where he detours into noting that while gold was 25% of Russian reserve holdings in 2000, it has since plunged to just 5% even as the country has been hoarding gold indicative of the massive currency creation across the world - as currency reserves have grown globally by $7.5 trillion. Ben touches upon the recently popularized concept by Jim Rickards, about an alternative currency basket (aka a new China-Russia-Germany axis) backed by actual physical resources (a modified version of the much dreaded gold standard): "there will be a standardization, a basket of currencies somewhere in the world, that will then become a competing reserve currency very quickly overnight." Most relevantly, Davies answers what he thinks the fair price of gold is: "between $10,000 and $15,000."

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