Thursday, July 1, 2010

John Stadtmiller - June 29 2010- Robby Noel, Bob Chapman- Roundtable

Thursday, July 1, 2010Bob Chapman -John Stadtmiller - Robby Noel, Roundtable - June 29 2010

John Stadtmiller - June 29 2010- Robby Noel, Bob Chapman- Roundtable


John says 32 states are officially bankrupt, Robby says 48 states are bankrupt. South Dakota was mentioned as one State not bankrupt.

The Fed will have to spend 2.5 Trillion to keep this going until the next election. Bob thinks the stock market will go to 6550 by the end of the year.

Consumer confidence numbers dropped from 62 to 52...that is a BIG drop.

Caller mentions a Citigroup circuit breaker occurring around 3:00pm was for five minutes. Caller says plunge protection had to come in.

John reads Paul Krugman article , we are now in the early stages of the third depression. Bob comments on it.

Caller asks when the Middle East "will go up"...Bob says 2 to 3 weeks. John says gas could go to $6 or $7 on a temporary basis.

Israel is experiencing its worse public relations ever. There were some interesting comments from the Orthodox Jewish Community.

The relief wells that BP are drilling might work according to John.

Caller asks about the Fed ramping up the printing press...

Caller asks some questions on devaluation from a Canadian perspective.

Caller mentions the Rick Wiles/Matthew Simmons interview regarding the Gulf Oil Spill and asks questions about Mathew Simmons. Robby and Bob never heard of him...but John has. John allows the caller to give the website of Rick Wiles TruNews site where the interview can be downloaded from. Bob asks if Simmons is a proponent of peak oil (Simmons is).

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