Wednesday, July 21, 2010

U.S. Treasury Bond Fraud and Debt Monetization by Jim Willie

U.S. Treasury Bond Fraud and Debt Monetization
Interest-Rates / US Bonds Jul 21, 2010 - 02:00 PM
By: Jim_Willie_CB

A significant feature of fiat money systems is the privilege for the custodian to commit fraud, big fraud, gargantuan fraud, even counterfeit. Fannie Mae might function as the clearinghouse for numerous massive role programs with $trillion fraud behind each, hidden from view, especially since it was conveniently nationalized. Follow some other fraud schemes, right out in the open. Surely such recount only touches the surface, but these shenanigans are advanced forms of fraud. They are smoking guns of USTreasury fraud and counterfeit, with strong whiffs of monetization. Much more monetization is to come, fully endorsed and sanctioned. Other clever techniques are being used, given the Quantitative Easing has officially been halted.

A close look reveals that Excess Cash Reserves at the USFed are being drawn down, which are thus funding the USGovt deficits in the last couple months. Ironically, such reserves held by big banks at the US Federal Reserve were the only thing preventing vast insolvency. Now that cash is being used. Details can be found in the July Hat Trick Letter reports. The data is right before us. Bring the trails and tallies to the table, and it looks like a grand racket worthy of any sophisticated syndicate. Evidence is compelling, and grand motive for foreign creditors to reject the USDollar with all of its active Dollar Dons. When recognized monetization destroys the last vestige of trust and confidence in the USDollar, when more official rounds of sponsored Quantitative Easing arrive, the USDollar will be on a downward spiral. In fact, all major currencies face the same prospect of vast monetary expansion. They will all fall sharply in value, and by counter-effect, the Gold price will skyrocket.

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